T&E Tools

TEREC has access to a set of tools that can be applied to a variety of T&E problems. This page provides a brief overview of some of the tools that are available, with additional details available through the included links. Please contact TEREC for further information on any tool.

Test Planning

Mission Analysis and Risk Impact on Operations Network-tool (MARION)
Mission Level Evaluation (MLE) is an iterative process for developing test strategies that are based on evaluating a system's contribution to overall mission success. TEREC developed a software tool that supports the MLE process. Named MARION for Mission Analysis and Risk Impact on Operations Network-tool, the tool helps identify crucial evaluation areas based on graphical mission decompositions and cause/effect failure analyses. Multiple test approaches can be developed and compared side-by-side based on their support of these evaluation areas.

Communications / C4I Testing

Network-Centric Test/Training System (NeTTS)
NeTTS is a family of non-intrusive C4I test tools for distributed, network-centric environments. The NeTTS tools are stimulation and instrumentation systems that support test and training through the creation of realistic virtual environments. NeTTS has been used by all four military services, providing support during pre-test planning, test conduct, and post-test analysis of a wide variety of communication networks and systems. NeTTS hardware and software are integrated in the test network and used to realistically stimulate the network under test, generating needed network performance data. NeTTS tools measure system performance/effectiveness and provide real-time monitoring/control and rapid data analysis capabilities. NeTTS includes:

Last Updated March 25, 2010