Conferences & Workshops

The TEREC staff members participate in most T&E conferences sponsored by ITEA and NDIA, serving as Technical Chairs, Sessions Chairs, Tutorial Chairs, or in other conference leadership positions.  TEREC may support conferences focused on more specific needs of the T&E community and would be glad to discuss potential topics, locations, and dates. TEREC-sponsored or supported workshops typically focus on the T&E process and on methods by which the T&E process may be improved. Workshops can be open or limited to invited participants, usually including representatives from a wide variety of organizations. These have included military, university and industrial organizations, as well as spanning user, practitioner, and researcher categories. Information on specific workshops is available below.

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Upcoming Conferences

None currently scheduled

Past Conferences

Testing for Information Assurance
March 20-22, 2001
Albuquerque, NM

Second Conference on the Economics of T&E
November 2-4, 1999
Atlanta, GA

Conference on the Economics of T&E
October 15-16, 1997
Atlanta, GA


Upcoming Workshops

None currently scheduled

Past Workshops

Verification and Validation (V&V) Workshop

Test & Evaluation Optimization Methodology Workshop
January 6-7, 1999
Atlanta, GA

Live Fire Test & Evaluation Workshops
September 17-18, 1996

November 12-11, 1996

February 25-26, 1997

April 29-30, 1997
San Antonio, Texas

June 24-25 1997
Los Alamos, New Mexico

August 26-27, 1997
Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 24, 1998
Las Cruces, New Mexico

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